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Remote Press Room

The Remote Press Room has been developed to enable accredited media access to the stars of an event remotely, allowing increased COVID-19 security whilst also extending reach to markets that wouldn’t usually attend in person.

In order to provide the service, we will build out a branded version of the platform to suit your needs with an annual management fee that covers all core functionality. Additional fees are then applied per use to cover the team and equipment costs.


Vinco can provide services that includes:

  • A Virtual Mixed Zone running on a robust, reliable streaming player.
    • Remote communication between journalists and interviewees.
    • Low latency, enabling both the media and your content teams to work from the feed.
    • Livestreams will be available at multiple bitrates to ensure smooth playback for those without fast internet speeds.
    • Content generation in real-time for use on social media platforms, TV and radio.
  • An extensive media library, displaying videos, photos and documents from your event that can be downloaded for use by the media.
  • A notifications system that allows push notifications and real-time updates on the pages, ensuring that the media don’t miss a thing.
  • Additional customisation is also possible, such as including livestreams of the event on the platform so that media can watch your event and access interviews and information all in one central location.
  • High levels of security including:
    • Video player will be locked to the webpage to prevent unsolicited sharing.
    • Password protection of the platform, either as a blanket password provided only to the media or individual user accounts.
    • Optional layers of access, providing control over which elements of the website the media can access according to their accreditation level.

The Virtual Mixed Zone

The Virtual Mixed Zone is the centrepiece of the Remote Press Room, providing real-time quotes and access to the competitors via an interactive livestream.

We can provide a combination of question and answer forms that allow an interviewer to ask the questions on behalf of the media or moderated video calling, so that the media are able to put their questions to the interviewee directly.

Whilst all this is taking place, our team will remotely clip the content to ensure it is available to download within just a few minutes of the interview having taken place.

Alternatively, we can utilise video chat products within the system to allow journalists to ask their questions directly to the interviewee in a moderated video call, whilst also providing live streams to those that do not wish to ask their own questions and the live clipping for archive use.